Pattern Spider (pattern_spider) wrote in raven_darkholme,
Pattern Spider

Summer for the young

Title: Summer time
Fandom: X-Men
Subject: Raven Darkholme
Rating: G

I see this is movieverse Mystique enjoying a happy innocent moment in a life that is not exactly full of them - a teenage visit to the beach, with ice cream melting in the sun.

Title: Young Love
Fandom: X-Men
Subject: Raven Darkholme/Irene Addler
Rating: PG (just for the commando thing...)

Found this on a yuri site uncoloured and thought it was very cute. Definitely moveverse Mystique, so I went with the more "realistic" approach to eyes that they take instead of the solid colour. Speaking of eyes, I'm rather pleased with how Destiny's turned out.

In the original version, the girl in front had knickers, but I was, shall we say, feeling a tad free-spirited and decided to have my favourite shapechanger go commando.

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