Pattern Spider (pattern_spider) wrote in raven_darkholme,
Pattern Spider

Missed Opportunities

Did anyone else feel that X-3 missed some opportunities when they de-powered Mystique? For example, should they have made her something other than caucasian? Should Mystique's natural form have been male?

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Well, tho she's caucasian, and was born in Austria, I clearly remember that she was once depowered in the comicverse, and she was blue-eyed and redhead. But, of course, I didn't expect the writers of X-men 3 to remember that, because they seem to be unable to even remember basic data like 'Marrow is a girl', 'Callisto never had Quicksilver's powers' or 'Angel is not gay'.
Where does it say she was Austrian? I thought that it was just Irene who hailed from there?
If I recall correctly it is said in one of the first issues of her own series. In spanish, says something like: 'Austria... Tienes suerte, porque me siento nostálgica de la madre patria'. Something like: 'Austria... You're lucky, I'm feeling nostalgic about my ¿natal country?'. 'Madre patria' is called in spanish to the place you were born.
I don't mind Mystique being a Caucasian female when depowered--that's canon. Doing anything else could have been neat, but I'm not surprised or disappointed they just used the actress sans make-up and effects. If they had done something else though, I would have liked if they made her older. She's over 80 in the comics, and there's nothing in the movies to say she hasn't been around as long as Magneto.

I don't think they should have made her male, though. Mystique has always been very feminine, even when beating people up and blowing up buildings. You could do things with her as a transsexual (transgendered? I'm not sure about proper terms here), but the movie really didn't allow time for that.

I do wish they'd explored her reaction to the loss of her powers, instead of focusing on her reaction to Magneto abandoning her.
Well to a degree there is no canon as far as the movies are concerned, only sources of inspiration.

I think Rattner just wanted hot nekkid Rebecca (and who can blame him) as much as I don't think he was intellectually capable of dealing with the conceptual headfuck of an interracial or transgender shapeshifter. Not making her old is I think also down to the vast majority of the characters being young.

Giving her black hair was just puzzling though.
I just wish they'd have kept her a redhead. Seriously, black hair? Wtf.
So true.
What I didn’t like in the movie was Magneto’s disloyalty to her. She protects him, he leaves her behind? I don’t think its fitting or something the ‘real’ Magneto would have done! So…that urked me a bit, but otherwise I think it was all good, the fact that she appeared with black hair is just sexy. She is so fiery, feisty and otherwise sadistic as her mutant shape-shifter self that the drastic change beneath was just perfect. She appeared vulnerable, a huge difference from her bold and stormy red-headed self!

I do wish they had spent more time on her, after but..who knows, X-Men 4? Here they come?